Revolution means a sudden and radical change. We are about changing our culture through:

  • Relationships, not religion
  • A house of prayer, not a house of man’s plans
  • A body of believers in community, not the four walls of a church

Are you looking for change?
Do you feel like there has to be more to this life?

If so, join us Sundays at 9:30 a.m. at Cinemark Festival Bay movie theater.


Dear Friend:

There is a place God has called you to and longs for you to come. This place is so close to His side that you can hear His heart as it beats for you. The Father loves you so much and desires to touch the inner places of your very being – even the places you may try to keep hidden from Him and others. So many times, we cover up these places by running to whatever else seems to satisfy us for the moment, thereby blocking the healing flow from the Father’s hand.

The Father longs to set you free from anything that is inhibiting you from your destiny and calling on your life from Him. Won’t you start on the journey today that will lead you to spiritual freedom and break every hold that the enemy has placed over your life?

Friend, God has dreams for you to fulfill. He has revelations He wants to give you. He has places He wants to take you. He has new visions He wants to give you. The God of the universe that spoke the world into creation longs to speak into your life and do a new thing.

Come along with us at Global Revolution Church as we step out into the places the Father has called us to walk. You will not be sorry that you came long with us on this life-changing journey. We look foward to jouneying together!

Pastor Blake and Beverly Lorenz